Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Historic Boston Edison Association, Detroit Neighborhood History

The City of Detroit is known for the automotive industry and certainly for it's music. Detroit is also rich in history. There has definitely been some history lost with the construction of new stadiums downtown. I think it is sad to see historic buildings that are not cared for or must be torn down. Still, progress is important and keeping the city alive with the construction of new buildings has it's definite rewards. I do enjoy the historic buildings and homes throughout the city and the Boston Edison District is one of my favorite historical sites. I have driven through the streets there on occasion just visualizing what those streets may have looked like as that neighborhood began to grow in it's early days. These stately mansions each have their own personality which makes me think that each original owner probably took great pride in their home and it's uniqueness. The Boston Edison District boasts over 100 years very rich in history and it permeates through the streets. You can read about the history of this neighborhood and much more here.Historic Boston Edison Association, Detroit Neighborhood History

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