Monday, March 28, 2011

Book-Cadillac Hotel

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The magnificent architectural detail of the Book-Cadillac building in Detroit is just one of many examples of early 20th century craftsmanship that adorn the city. This photo was taken in 2008 after restoration had been done.
This is truly one of my favorite buildings in the city. There is a website that I came across that has some really beautiful old photos of the Book-Cadillac, it is called Buildings of Detroit. Check it out!!!

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
This is an interesting tour of some of the ruins in Detroit and it makes me think more on what can help Detroit rise against that tide and revive itself. I truly believe that there can be a great revival in the city and this tour does not remind me of what has been lost but of how much growth has happened over time in the city and how growth can prevail in this great city once again.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to Cliff Bell's

Welcome to Cliff Bell's
This Sunday, March 27th from 6pm-7pm, the very talented Troy High School Jazz Ensemble will perform at Cliff Bell's. A great venue to see live jazz performances in Detroit will host this ensemble of "rising stars". The jazz session will continue on into the evening with jazz performances featuring the DSO Civic Jam Session. There is no cover charge for this event. For more opportunities to see the Troy High Jazz Ensemble perform, check out their calendar.

Brian P. Nutting, Director of Troy High bands, is a most devoted, spirited and vibrant teacher who really loves his work and it shows through the developed talent of the students whose hearts are really in the music for the long haul. I can only imagine how the music world could be forever changed if each student had the chance to be under the wing of a teacher with this kind of passion and devotion to his job. Check out more about the Troy High Colt Bands here.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

From Belfast to Blackthorn - Music - Detroit Metro Times

From Belfast to Blackthorn - Music - Detroit Metro Times
I have been picking up the Metro Times at different locales around the city of Detroit and the suburbs since my early teens. There was always an air of anticipation in finding one, seeing what the cover story might be, checking out the list of upcoming shows, reading the blurbs about upcoming events and perusing the classifieds with friends. In the beginning, I would have to run out on the weekly release date, hoping to grab a copy at my favorite record store and as time went on and life became more cluttered with things to do, I would pick up a copy of the Metro Times whenever I happened to see one.

Yesterday, I was reminded of the excitement that I had experienced many times before when scooping up my precious copy of MT as I noticed that the cover story is about one of my favorite local musical groups, BLACKTHORN!!! I looked at the cover and exclaimed, "It is Blackthorn!", with a great big smile on my face! It brought that simple happiness and enthusiasm to the surface that I had felt so many times before when discovering that I was fortunate enough to collect a treasured copy of MT for myself.

In this article, it quickly comes to light where Blackthorn's heart and core evolved through the eyes and times of Richard McMullan. His great many life experiences definitely developed into heartfelt and passionate lyrics and song. The life lessons and intimate stories are well developed both in melody and in the stories that are shared with their audiences between tunes at each performance.

Along with the recount of how MT can bring simple joy to my life is the importance of sharing BLACKTHORN with you. Blackthorn is a remarkably talented group of musicians that play in great harmony with each other creating a most cohesive unit that explodes with energy, fluidity, spark, vitality, beauty, grace and soulful enchantment. As a listener, you will journey to many places and experience stories full of life, humor, beauty, love, lessons, growth and so much more. Big on audience participation, Blackthorn really draws it's crowd in and pulls them into the harmonies and the explosion of layered melodies that build throughout their performances. Be prepared to not only sit back and enjoy their seasoned flavor but also to sink your teeth in and really experience the feast that is Blackthorn.

Blackthorn is a must see local band!!! Get out to see them as early as tonight, check out their schedule!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Better Made Chips

Detroit is certainly known globally as the Motor City but there are many other superb home grown products that are local favorites besides automobiles. One of those products is Better Made Potato Chips. As I was growing up, these were always a favorite in our household. I recall having those large tins of potato chips around that everyone would fight over. Also, I remember my parents driving us past the factory in Detroit. Whenever I crunch on those tasty chips, I am reminded of my childhood. Better Made is part of the tastes of home for many native Detroiters.
If you have not tried these tasty home grown snacks, get yourself a bag or two. You can read more about Better Made's history or their processing plant while you are enjoying your locally made snack.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grown In Detroit Documentary

Intriguing, heart warming, inspiring, hopeful, passionate and delicious.
See more about the film and make a donation to watch the full movie here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Detroit Photo Art DETROIT PHOTO ART GALLERY - Jan Kaulins Photo Art Photograph Gallery

Detroit Photo Art DETROIT PHOTO ART GALLERY - Jan Kaulins Photo Art Photograph Gallery
Detroit's landmarks have evolved over the years and it is always a treat for me to peruse the images of Detroit through the window of time. It is always great to support local artists! Jan Kaulins offers a selection of Detroit photographs from then and now that really capture moments in time in a unique way. Take a moment or two to check out his work and find out more about Jan Kaulins.

Art X Detroit festival: The full schedule | Detroit Free Press |

Art X Detroit festival: The full schedule | Detroit Free Press |
Check out Art X Detroit Festival! Always good to see new things happening for the artistic community and Detroit! Check out more about the Inaugural Art X Detroit here. Marcus Belgrave, whom I spoke about in an earlier post, is also going to be a part of this festival.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Eminem Home and Home Blu Ray Interview + Behind The Scenes (HD Video)

Recovery . . . to me, means hope, enlightenment, possibility, effective change, positive energy and a bright light for the future driven by hard work with a passionate heart.
I see this kind of recovery settling in like a canopy of budding trees on a spring day reaching out over the city of Detroit, with new birth, growth, and life.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Art of Tyree Guyton

The Art of Tyree Guyton

In my last post, I highlighted The Heidelberg Project which is the artistic vision and creation of artist Tyree Guyton. Today, I wanted to share this link to highlight the artist himself. His work is passionate, motivated, inspirational and from the heart. Take a moment to learn more about him and his philosophy.

Belle Isle Revealed on Vimeo

Belle Isle Revealed on Vimeo

Belle Isle Revealed from Brian Kaufman on Vimeo.

Growing up in Metro Detroit, I have experienced Belle Isle in a variety of ways at different points in my life. However, I have never before experienced Bell Isle as I now have through the eyes of Brian Kaufman. This remarkable film project, Belle Isle Revealed, really gave new life to the island within the walls of my mind. It took me on a journey and filled me with great desire to return to the island and see it with a fresh set of eyes. This film is a great example to me of that strong, beating heart that gives life and breath to Detroit.

Friday, March 4, 2011

REGENERATING DETROIT: A Tour of the Heidelberg Project

I have been thinking about what I wanted to say about the ridiculous rantings of Glenn Beck. He recently compared Hiroshima to Detroit on that "F" network that is so famous for this kind of sensational, controversial "news". I am not a fan of him or the network and I do not want to give his words any more airplay than they have already had. SO, instead, I will take this time to share something completely unrelated to his antics that I feel is positive in the city. The people of Detroit know that what Glenn Beck is saying is no reflection of the city that they are proud of and I did find some videos on youtube where Detroit citizens are speaking up against Beck in support of their beloved city. See what Detroiters are saying.

So, in the next couple of posts, I will share some positive ways that Detroit is building itself up with the help of it's proud citizens and those who really love the city. I will start today by posting about The Heidelberg Project which you can find out more about here.