Sunday, March 20, 2011

From Belfast to Blackthorn - Music - Detroit Metro Times

From Belfast to Blackthorn - Music - Detroit Metro Times
I have been picking up the Metro Times at different locales around the city of Detroit and the suburbs since my early teens. There was always an air of anticipation in finding one, seeing what the cover story might be, checking out the list of upcoming shows, reading the blurbs about upcoming events and perusing the classifieds with friends. In the beginning, I would have to run out on the weekly release date, hoping to grab a copy at my favorite record store and as time went on and life became more cluttered with things to do, I would pick up a copy of the Metro Times whenever I happened to see one.

Yesterday, I was reminded of the excitement that I had experienced many times before when scooping up my precious copy of MT as I noticed that the cover story is about one of my favorite local musical groups, BLACKTHORN!!! I looked at the cover and exclaimed, "It is Blackthorn!", with a great big smile on my face! It brought that simple happiness and enthusiasm to the surface that I had felt so many times before when discovering that I was fortunate enough to collect a treasured copy of MT for myself.

In this article, it quickly comes to light where Blackthorn's heart and core evolved through the eyes and times of Richard McMullan. His great many life experiences definitely developed into heartfelt and passionate lyrics and song. The life lessons and intimate stories are well developed both in melody and in the stories that are shared with their audiences between tunes at each performance.

Along with the recount of how MT can bring simple joy to my life is the importance of sharing BLACKTHORN with you. Blackthorn is a remarkably talented group of musicians that play in great harmony with each other creating a most cohesive unit that explodes with energy, fluidity, spark, vitality, beauty, grace and soulful enchantment. As a listener, you will journey to many places and experience stories full of life, humor, beauty, love, lessons, growth and so much more. Big on audience participation, Blackthorn really draws it's crowd in and pulls them into the harmonies and the explosion of layered melodies that build throughout their performances. Be prepared to not only sit back and enjoy their seasoned flavor but also to sink your teeth in and really experience the feast that is Blackthorn.

Blackthorn is a must see local band!!! Get out to see them as early as tonight, check out their schedule!

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