Saturday, March 26, 2011

Welcome to Cliff Bell's

Welcome to Cliff Bell's
This Sunday, March 27th from 6pm-7pm, the very talented Troy High School Jazz Ensemble will perform at Cliff Bell's. A great venue to see live jazz performances in Detroit will host this ensemble of "rising stars". The jazz session will continue on into the evening with jazz performances featuring the DSO Civic Jam Session. There is no cover charge for this event. For more opportunities to see the Troy High Jazz Ensemble perform, check out their calendar.

Brian P. Nutting, Director of Troy High bands, is a most devoted, spirited and vibrant teacher who really loves his work and it shows through the developed talent of the students whose hearts are really in the music for the long haul. I can only imagine how the music world could be forever changed if each student had the chance to be under the wing of a teacher with this kind of passion and devotion to his job. Check out more about the Troy High Colt Bands here.

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